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..they’re only this age once!


Life doesn't slow down or get easier!

If you are waiting for the next big event or chapter of your life before you start getting serious about your goals, then you are never going to accomplish them!

I found myself recently using the fact the my daughter is only going to be a baby once as an excuse to slack off and not work as hard as I should be in all areas of my life.

Having a newborn baby in the house has obviously made it pretty challenging to stick to a consistent routine with some things, but challenging and impossible are not the same thing!

Slacking off and then saying, "well my daughter is only going to be this age once" is honestly pathetic to say once I really stop to think about it. Because she's only gonna be every age once!

If I keep waiting until she isn't a baby anymore to get more focused and serious about my goals, then she will be 5 years old and I'll be taking her to Gymnastics or whatever other activities she wants to do, and the excuse will be exactly the same! "She's only gonna be this age once!"

No shit!

We are all only this age once, and if I don't get off my ass and get focused then not only will I not accomplish my goals, but my daughter will grow up with a way lower quality life than if I get refocused and put my foot back on the gas!

I share this internal dialog with you guys so that you can see we all make these types of excuses and we all use things to justify us not performing at our absolute best everyday.

We claim it's adding to the quality of our life because we don't have to "work so hard" or "spend all our time working" , but the fact of the matter is, it's not about how hard you work, or about how much!

It is about how focused and effective you are while you are working!

It is about having systems in place for everything in your life so that you can take back your time!

Then you can be more present in the moment ALL OF THE TIME.

Which will allow you to actually truly enjoy your time!

REMEMBER! They will only be this age once!

Don't fucking waste it making excuses and sitting still in your life!

They deserve better!

If you're done waiting for the next chapter to start getting serious about your goals click the link to apply for 1:1 coaching with me!

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