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8-Week Transformation Challenge

Why I am doing 1st phorm's fall 8 week transphormation challenge!

As some of you reading this might know my wife and I just had a daughter!

So we have put our fitness goals on the back burner for a little bit. Which is something we both try our absolute hardest never to do, however bring our daughter in to this world and just really really enjoying these last couple of months together was definitely worth it!

Dani was pretty sick for a lot of her pregnancy and wasn't able to workout at all so she gained a lot of weight and she is extremely excited to kill this challenge and get a lot of that weight off! She also had a c-section and a tubal litigation so she wasn't able to exercise at all after the baby either until now!

I want to do it with her to support her and do it alongside her!

I on the other hand haven't really gotten too far off from where I want to be, but I know for sure that I can do better!

So I am going to use these next 8 weeks as a reason to sprint and keep my discipline dialed in, because honestly not only do I know I will get great physical results from it- but everything in my life goes a lot smoother when I am dialed in.

And with my wife being locked in as well we are going to be like a well oiled machine over these next 8 weeks!

Not only do I know we will transform our bodies but we will move our lives forward in every other area as well!

I talk all the time about how our bodies are nothing more than the piece of equipment that we get to operate our life in!

All equipment requires daily routine maintenance!

The more consistent you are with that maintenance,  the smoother your machine operates!

The smoother your machine operates, the more efficiently you can do the job!

Honestly, I don't really have an excuse for why I have been more laid back with my diet other than that I am human and I cave into temptation just like everyone else!

My wife being pregnant and having a baby should have been motivation for me to push harder and be even better…and that is the honest to God truth!

That was a test that I did not pass.

However, I didn't gain a shit ton of weight or lose all of my muscle. I have actually maintained pretty well. My weight has stayed the same and I lost some definition. So I am proud that at least I didn't let myself get fat again. Because that is for sure what the old Jeremy would have done!

There will always be plenty of reason not to do something!

So anytime you can find something extra to motivate you to get back on track like this challenge, it is a great opportunity to gain traction and get your momentum back!

If you have been complacent with your fitness goals and are ready to buckle in and get serious, click the link below to apply to see if you qualify for a free consultation call!

-JG 🔨

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