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Have you ever heard someone say, "your kids don't need a friend, they need a dad"?

I know I have heard that saying a thousand times before, and I actually used to agree with it because it sounds like it makes sense!

Your kids already have friends, they need their parents to teach them shit and help mold them into productive members of society!


While I was talking to one of the few guys I consider to be a close friend at this point in my life I realized something!

That saying is totally ridiculous!

I won't go into what my friend and I were talking about, but I was telling him some hard to hear truths about some stuff he was telling me, and because he is a very self-aware person he actually thanked me for being honest with him!

That made me think about all the times in our friendship when the role was reversed and I was the one who was receiving hard truths from him!

I remember how much I valued our friendship because of his honesty!

Same thing goes with my relationship with my wife, who truly is my best friend!

She has no problem being honest with me and telling me what I need to hear even if it's not what I want to hear, and I can do the same thing for her!

We aren't mean to each other about it, we just point out the facts! Sometimes in the moment we will get upset with each other if the situation is stressful (we are human), but we always come back later and apologize and thank each other!

Even if in the moment that stuff is hard to hear, I always appreciate her afterward for having the courage to be honest with me!

At the end of the day a best friend is someone who is always there for you, supports your dreams, holds you accountable, and tells you the truth!

Isn't that what being a good parent is?

We hardly ever have to punish our kids! Because they almost always listen to us and do the right thing!

I truly believe that is because we are just honest with them!

We don't sugarcoat reality!

And we always do our best to just tell them the 100% honest truth!

I believe this has created an environment where they know they can trust us, and that's why we don't have to punish them, because they understand that what we are telling them is just a truth about the world!

Because we don't just tell them what to do and what not to do, we also do our best to lead by example!

Again, another trait I would value in a best friend!

So don't just be your kids best friend! Be the best example you possibly can of what a best friend looks like!

Because your kids are going to base every relationship they have for the rest of their lives off of the one they have with you!

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-JG 🔨

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