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Prioritize and execute!

Do you ever get frustrated because you feel like you have no time to accomplish anything outside of working and sleeping?

I know the feeling. Sometimes it felt like the only reason I was even alive was to go to work!

But once I learned how to prioritize and execute I started accomplishing things that mattered to me outside of just chasing a drilling rig around the country!

Sit down, write out your goals, and then prioritize them!

It shouldn't be hard to identify which one or two are the most important to you!

If you can't pick one I recommend choosing something that is related to your health and fitness because the better you are, the more effective you can be! So, solving those problems first should be your main priority!

Then, create a plan with specific tasks that you can execute on and follow the fucking plan!

It really is that simple!

If you get distracted, go back to the plan!

Cave into temptation? Happens to all of us! GO BACK TO THE  PLAN!

No matter what happens! No matter how many times you screw up. GO BACK TO THE FUCKING PLAN!

See a pattern here?

You don't even have to be perfect all of the time! All you have to do is be able to identify when you aren't sticking to the plan, and correct course!

Don't justify why you aren't following the plan with a whole bunch of excuses! Just realize you didn't stick to it, and get back on track!

If you notice a recurring situation that keeps causing you to fall away from the plan, then you can adjust the plan as long as the adjustments that you made are still going to get you the results that you want. Don't get used to you being inconvenienced and just throwing in the towel and abandoning the plan!

The reason you haven't accomplished your goals is not from a lack of time! It is from a lack of a plan!

Click the link to apply for coaching, if you want me to personally help you build and stick to your plan!

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