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I am two weeks into my 8-week transformation! I have lost a total of 10lbs so far, and 3 1/2 inches off my waist!

I have stuck to my plan 100% of the time. I adjusted a couple things on my first check in to keep the momentum going in the right direction a little quicker, but now that it’s going- we stick to it!

I will continue to follow this same plan week to week until I am no longer making progress!

I don’t need to change things when it’s working!

That’s the problem most people have!

They keep messing up, or thinking they aren’t getting there fast enough so they give up, and keep starting over with something different!

Starting over is shiny and new and full of possibilities….until it’s not.


Until it feels less shiny and new and more dull and old. Not to mention a lot more work than you bargained for. So you find a new shiny thing and start over.


When it comes to your health and fitness journey, “starting over,” over and over again is what gets in the way of seeing any kind of result. Your body is busy trying to adapt to the latest lifestyle change you’ve made and then before it can, you’ve changed it again.


Most of the time you don’t need a new diet, or a detox (don’t do that sh!t!!)! You don’t need a “reset”, and you don’t need to keep “starting over” in your fitness journey!


You need to keep going in the discomfort.


It’s not comfortable to face a poor relationship with your body, or a stressful relationship with food and commit to repairing them.


It’s not comfortable to face the things that diet culture has taught us and try to unlearn them for the sake of your health and wellbeing.


It’s SO much easier to just start a new diet. But this starting and stopping over and over is damaging mentally and physically.


⭐️Stay committed to your health.

Even if that looks like STOPPING diets and working on tuning in to your body.

⭐️Stay committed to a better version of you.

Even if that includes weight gain or changes to your size.

⭐️Stay committed to self acceptance and love. Even if that means facing mistakes that you’ve made when you didn’t know any better.

⭐️Stay committed to the basics of nutrition & movement. Even if they seem boring. They work.


When you stay committed to yourself, results follow. Give yourself the time! You are worth the investment!

Anything that is worth it takes time. It’s easy to get off track and allow life to get in the way of our goals. If this is the case, let it go, don’t overthink it, and just focus on getting back at it because you are worth it. Your journey won’t be perfect, it’s not meant to be. Just stay committed, that’s it, keep investing in yourself and believe you will get there.

Don’t allow a negative mindset to take hold, just make adjustments and get back on course!

If you’re ready to stay committed, and work hard for yourself, but need some help to get there- fill out our fitness application below! 💪🏽

-DG ⭐️

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