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I want to talk to all the bosses on here real quick!

Whether you are a supervisor, a company man, a crew leader, or a business owner you have an obligation to lead by example, not just sit in your truck and give orders all day!

Weak leadership on pretty much every level is one of the biggest issues in the world today!

And even though you may not see it, you as a leader have a chance to bring a lot of hope back into the world just by becoming the best leader you can, so that you can build your people up, and teach them how to win!

The most effective way to do that is to first of all become someone that YOU would want to listen to!

Ask yourself right now, "If I didn't know anything about myself, and I showed up to work for me on my first day, what would my first impression of myself be?"

No matter what your answer to that question is, the truth is it could be better!

So the key component to being an effective leader is by working on yourself every single day to become the best version of yourself that you can be in all areas of your life!

It will give you the ability to build others around you up to do the same for themselves...and the cycle repeats!

This is how we create the ripple effect I talk about!

You never know who is watching you, and you never know what you are teaching them until you become conscious of it!

When young kids step into new careers a lot of them are really ambitious and all they are looking for is someone to show them the path on how to get to where you are right now!

So they are watching YOU! They are watching how you treat the hands under you!

They are watching if you are cutting any corners!

They are observing and watching all of that!

A good boss has the ability to uplift someone's life and help them become a better version of themselves!

That leads to better lives for their families and the people they care about!

However, a bad boss has the power to totally destroy someone's life by bullying them and failing to lead!

Real leadership is a position of service! Not just authority!

So here's to all the great bosses out there leading by example, and if you're not- I hope this sparks something inside you to make you want to at least start to be better!

If you found this post helpful please share it with a fellow leader!

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