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Being out of shape is HARD! Staying in shape is HARD! CHOOSE YOUR HARD!

Listen, I've lived both of these more than once, and what I've learned for me- it is much harder to be out of shape, lazy, and depressed than to be doing everything I possibly can to avoid that!

Neither option is easy! It's about deciding how you want to live your life, making a plan, and trying your best every day to make progress on your goals!

I'm not saying you will kill it every day! Especially when you're just starting! That's not reality either. What I'm saying is I know I go to bed easier knowing I did everything I possibly could that day to get me closer to my goals!

Even with a solid routine for your meal plan, workouts, and day to day activities- life happens! Learning how to adapt when shit goes wrong is one of the most important skills to develop!

Everything that is in my control, is under control. The food I put in my body, the time I spend on my phone, working out, relaxing, all of it- is planned out! Without a plan my consistency would fall apart! 

What was my GAME CHANGER? Make a TO-DO list! Every night before I go to bed, I generate a to-do list on my google templates the night before. It has all of the tasks for the next day! Everything from reminders about my son taking his instrument to school that day, all the way to work calls and checking emails! If I didn't have this I would forget important tasks, things wouldn't get done, and life would be a mess!

A TO-DO list also helps with my time management! I know how long it takes me to do each certain task. I never put too much or too little on the list for the day! At the beginning of each week there is a lot more on there because I set dates for when something needs to be done! This is useful especially owning a business because there is simply too much to do in one day, every day! If we have less consultation calls that evening, other tasks will get done. If we have extra calls, we do the less prioritized tasks the next day! Sounds simple right?

It actually is! All it takes is a plan, and for you to put it in motion!

If you have problems with you time management, and feeling like you can't get things done, that's okay! We help our clients achieve this! That's why having a great coach is so important! We teach you the skills you need to be successful, not just throw a plan at you and expect you to follow it! We understand life throws curve balls! You may not hit a homerun every pitch, and getting out of the way so a bad one doesn't knock you out is a necessity! So go make your TO-DO list!

Give it a try, you'll be amazing how much more you can accomplish!

-DG 🌟

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