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I am 21 days (3 weeks) into my 8-week transformation challenge!

I have already lost 13lbs and 7.5 inches around my waist!!!!!

I haven’t ate anything that wasn’t on my plan.

I haven’t missed a workout.

I haven’t complained about the million obstacles in my way on a daily basis!

I haven’t said “I don’t have the time!”

I haven’t stopped because I’m too tired.

I haven’t skipped any of my normal tasks for the business or the house.

I haven’t done cardio, yet.

I haven’t slept great with the baby, but I’ve stayed focused on my goals.

I haven’t done ANYTHING that wasn’t on my plan!

And I’ve made ZERO EXCUSES!

I have done everything I promised myself I would do!


And man it feels good!

If you sit down with the knowledge of what needs done, come up with a plan, and really  follow it no matter what, you are going to get results!

Not just physical results either!

You are going to FEEL much better before you even see physical results!

Change takes WORK! But life is short! Don’t spend it wishing things were different, MAKE it different!!

You are only as strong as you allow yourself to be; Never get discouraged. Never give up, because consistency & dedication are the keys to success. 🔑💪🏽

-DG ⭐️

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