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Have you ever told yourself you were going to wait until after the holidays to get in shape because you didn't want to sacrifice all of the good food at your family dinners, or beers during the football games, and all the other delicious opportunities you will have to say no to?

Thinking of those things as a sacrifice is the wrong way of looking at it!

Giving all of those things up is not a sacrifice! It is an investment!

Think about how much more enjoyable the holidays will be next year when you aren't the fat guy in the family photos!

Or how much more fun hunting season will be when you aren't running out of breath hiking through the woods!

Think about how many more holidays you will get to have because you get to live a longer life!

Every single one of those things feels better than your mother in-laws cheesecake tastes!

The other thing to think about here is that even if you decide to still cheat on the holidays, but you worked hard and followed your plan every other day, that is still WAY better than just waiting and not doing anything at all until January 1st!

Even if you had some kind of event every single weekend that you decided to indulge, and you stuck to your plan Monday through Friday. That is still sticking to your plan basically 60% of the time, which is a hell of a lot better than 0%!

So why wait to start until after the holidays? It's not about being perfect! It's about getting  started, and improving as you go!

Eating healthy and getting in shape is a skill, all skills take time to learn, and none of them are easy to learn when you first start out!

It doesn't matter the time of year. It doesn't matter what is going on in your life!

Developing any new skill will be difficult!

But once you develop this skill you will learn when and how you can still enjoy the foods that you love again without letting yourself gain back all of your weight!

Let's get you to your goals! Click the link to apply for coaching!

-JG 🔨

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